February 23, 2018

Solar Christmas Lights

SolarChristmasLights.org is an independent online resource committed to providing unbiased and objective research on solar powered Christmas lights. We've aggregated information from industry experts - solar manufacturers & distributors, electrical engineers, solar specialists as well as hundreds of consumers who have bought and actually installed solar lights themselves. Our mission? To supply you with information, facts and advice to help answer all your need-to-know questions:

Curious as to how solar Christmas lights work? Our experts explain product components in easy-to-understand terms; they also lay out the advantages and disadvantages of converting from traditional lighting to solar.

Wonder how much money you can save with solar lights? See why switching to solar led Christmas lights makes the most economic sense.

Your solar lights quit working? See our extensive solar Christmas lights troubleshooting checklist, compiled from top manufacturers.

Interested in independent reviews of some of the most popular lighting manufacturers and brands? We review Philips, Westinghouse and more.

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5 Reasons for Going Solar at Christmas

If you research solar powered Christmas lights online, you'll come across many reasons to go solar with your outdoor holiday lights. Some of the information you will find is accurate, and some is pure hype. Regardless, do your due diligence and read as many independent tests, reviews and articles as possible (particularly when you're trying to decide between specific solar Christmas light brands).

If you do end up going "solar", you can look forward to these 5 benefits:

1. Unlimited Natural Power Supply: Like other solar products, solar Christmas lights are 100% powered by the sun, which has been shining for over 4 billion years and expected to be around another 5 billion more. Solar Christmas lights don't need any other source of power, except for the ever-present sun!

2. Energy Cost Savings: Holiday light displays can increase your winter electric bills by as much as 20%, especially if you are competing for the best light display in your neighborhood or town. Imagine being able to set up unlimited Christmas lights around your property without adding a dime to your electric bill. With solar Christmas lights, you can.

3. Environmentally Friendly: We all want to do our part to help the environment. When you use solar powered Christmas lights, you are using a renewable energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases. This lowers carbon emissions and has a tremendous positive effect on the environment.

4. LED Means Cooler Running and Longer Lasting: Solar Christmas lights almost always use light emitting diodes (LED) which run cooler than traditional incandescent lights which translates into lower risk of overheating and fire. LED Christmas lights also tend to last longer.

5. No More Extension Cords: Because the only power source is the sun, there are no more hassles with ugly extension cords. Not only do you improve your aesthetics, you eliminate the potential hazards of having family members (or worse, guests) trip over yards and yards of extension cords. It also becomes easier than ever to expand your light display to cover remote areas of your property.

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