January 17, 2018

5 Disadvantages of Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Dollar SignSolar powered Christmas lights have been bursting onto the scene for Christmas displays nationwide, but are they all they’re cut out to be? If you’re considering these solar decorations, it’s important to be solar savvy. Consider the following five disadvantages:

1. Initial Costs:

While solar powered Christmas lights could save money in the long run on your energy bill, the initial cost is generally higher than traditional incandescent lights. On average, forty feet of solar LED Christmas lights costs $35. If you’re planning on buying a lot of light strands, the initial bill will add up fast.

2. Sun dependency:

Relying on the sun’s rays for energy, solar powered Christmas lights must be placed where they will receive adequate sunlight. Without enough sunlight, the batteries will not fully charge, causing the lights to shine dimly and for only a few hours.

3. Weather dependency:

Solar powered Christmas lights are quite literally fair weathered friends; snowy, rainy, cold, and/or cloudy weather can prevent the batteries from charging fully. Inopportune daytime weather makes the lights shine dimly and for a short period of time.

4. Overheating:

While solar powered Christmas lights run cooler than incandescent Christmas lights, they are still susceptible to overheating. If overheating does occur, they will not function properly and will not shine as brightly and eventually may stop working.

5. Appearance:

Solar powered Christmas lights can have different shapes and colors than incandescent bulbs, so expect a slight change in your light display’s appearance.  Also, while solar powered Christmas lights generally shine brighter, they have only one degree of brightness. Unlike solar powered Christmas lights, electric Christmas lights come in varying degrees of brightness to meet the decorator’s needs.

Before you make the switch to solar powered Christmas lights, be sure to consider these five disadvantages to determine if they’re such a bright idea for your yard this Christmas.