January 17, 2018

7 Advantages of Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas LightsAs the holidays near, the familiar sight of Christmas lights soon appears. The not-so-familiar sight that’s starting to take its place: solar powered Christmas lights.

Solar powered Christmas lights are quickly emerging in Christmas displays nationwide, so just why are these high-tech lights so popular? Consider these seven advantages:

1. Simple Setup:

Unlike installing electric lights, with solar lights you don’t have to worry about power outlets and cords; that means you can decorate that tree across the yard that once was out of reach.

2. Convenience:

Solar Christmas lights are convenient for a number of reasons. Their batteries automatically recharge during the day, and the turn on and off at the onset of dusk and dawn, respectively. Also, you never have to worry about the lights going out. A bulb burns out? The rest keep shining.  Power outage? You’ll have the only lit house in the neighborhood!

3. Safety:

Solar powered Christmas lights require no dangerous extension cords running across your yard. They also run cooler, so there is less risk of overheating and fire.

4. Free Energy:

No electrical outlet is required because the sun’s rays power these lights. That means you could save a lot on your energy bill during the holiday season—as much as $10.00 per 300 hours. Talk about a Christmas gift!

5. Tax Rebates:

In addition to saving you money by using free energy, solar powered Christmas lights may qualify you for a tax rebate on your energy bill. For example, BENCO, an electricity provider in Minnesota, allowed its members to get a $3.00 per strand rebate on their electric bills when they purchased up to ten strings of LED Christmas lights. Check to see if a similar rebate applies to you.

6. Quality:

Solar powered Christmas lights last an average of ten times longer than incandescent lights. Also they don’t contain filaments that cause incandescent bulbs to burn out or break easily, and they are made of durable plastic instead of glass.

7. Environmentally friendly:

These lights don’t result in any polluting gas emissions such as carbon dioxide or nitrous oxides. They also last longer, meaning less light strands are thrown out only to pile up in landfills.

Before you deck the halls this holiday season, think about these seven advantages of solar powered Christmas lights. Switching to solar powered Christmas lights today just might lead to a brighter tomorrow.