January 17, 2018

6 Tips for Decorating with Solar Christmas Lights

Holiday DeersDuring the holidays, the warm glow of Christmas blazes in our hearts, and what better way to show it than with the warm glow of Christmas lights! Christmas light displays are a magical way to spread that holiday cheer. Unfortunately, Christmas lights’ knack for becoming a tangled, complicated, high voltage mess has prevented many from partaking in the festive tradition.

Not anymore! With the invention of solar Christmas lights, decking the halls couldn’t be any easier. Consider the following six tips for decorating with solar Christmas lights:

1. Sunny Setting:

Because the sun’s rays power solar Christmas lights, their solar panel must be placed in an area that receives adequate sunlight. Most light strands are attached to a solar panel on a stake that can be stuck into the ground. That means the strand of lights can be placed anywhere as long as the panel is in the sun. Large, individual solar light fixtures usually have a self-contained solar panel, and therefore need to be placed directly in the sunlight.

2. Less Lights:

When decorating your Christmas tree, don’t overdo the solar Christmas lights just because the energy is free; you still need to leave foliage available for ornaments, beads, tinsel, etc. As a rule of thumb, for every foot in height of the tree, 100 lights should suffice.

3. Decorate at Dusk:

Because solar Christmas lights turn on at the onset of dusk, you will not be able to see what your display looks like if you decorate during the daytime. Instead, let the lights power up during the day, but wait until night to hang them up to ensure the desired results.

4. Bulb Breakage:

Be sure to note that unlike incandescent Christmas lights, when one solar light’s plastic bulb breaks or stops working, the remaining lights on the strand continue to shine. You can replace the individual bulb instead of buying a whole new strand of lights.

5. Christmas Covers:

Do you already have any solar light fixtures in your yard or garden in need of some festive flair? Consider holiday Christmas covers made especially for solar yard lights. It takes little effort to place them over the lights, and they act like decorative lampshades for larger, individual solar lights.

6. Garland Galore:

Got a banister that needs something extra? What about that door that looks dead as a doornail? Try decorating them with pre-solar-lit garlands and wreaths. They’re a quick fix for a dark, drab space.

If you’re looking for an easier way to deck the halls, consider solar Christmas lights a bright idea!