January 17, 2018

Christmas Light Installation: 7 Easy Steps

Let’s be honest: when Christmastime rolls around, the last thing anyone wants to do is install Christmas lights. They may be a joy to look at, but struggling to find a power outlet while enduring negative wind chill and potential frostbite is far from joyful.

Solar Christmas LightsThe difficult task of installing Christmas lights often brings out the Scrooge in us, but before you grumble a disgruntled “bah humbug,” think about this: with solar Christmas lights, you’ll never have to struggle with tricky installations again. Now that’s some holiday cheer that would make even Scrooge smile!

Decking the halls has never been easier thanks to solar Christmas lights. Follow these seven steps to install them:

1. Evaluate Energy

Before you go ahead and install solar lighting, it’s important that you evaluate how much daily solar energy your region receives during Christmastime. You can view a solar insolation map to determine if your area receives ample sunlight to power the batteries in solar Christmas lights.

2. Set in Sunlight

Because the sun’s rays power solar Christmas lights, their solar panel must be placed in an area that receives adequate sunlight. Most light strands are attached to a solar panel on a stake that can be stuck into the ground. That means the strand of lights can be placed anywhere as long as the panel is in the sun. Large, individual solar light fixtures usually have a self-contained solar panel, and therefore need to be placed directly in the sunlight.

3. Design the Display

You need to plan in advance your designs for your Christmas light display. Determine what style, color, etc. of lighting. You also need to determine measurements of eaves, windows, bushes, etc. so you can buy the best length of light strands.

4. Test Trial

Make sure to have a test trial of your lights to see if they are working properly before you begin to hang them.

5. Ladder Length

To avoid struggling to hang lights in high places like roofs, be sure to have a long enough ladder. You’ll be able to reach more comfortably and be safer as well.

6. Secure the Strands

When hanging your solar Christmas light strands you do not have to worry about extension cords or power outlets, so you have more freedom in where you hang the lights. To secure the strands, you can hang the lights with hooks, staples, nails, clips, or electrical tape. Plastic clips or tape are preferred, for they cause less damage and are easier to remove.

7. Decorate at Dusk

Since solar Christmas lights turn on at the onset of dusk, you will not be able to see what your display looks like if you decorate during the daytime. Instead, let the lights power up during the day, but wait until night to hang them up. This way, you can distribute the lights evenly to ensure the desired results. Then step back and enjoy your new solar Christmas light display!