January 17, 2018

GudCraft Solar Christmas Lights

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GudCraft Online is a Washington based ecommerce company specializing in the online distribution of home and garden tools and accessories. Since 2009, GudCraft Online has had one overriding goal — to be the “one stop” provider for all the best home & garden accessories at the lowest possible price. The company carries a wide variety of environmentally friendly products, from wind generators to portable solar kits and other “earth friendly” products. They are also a leading provider of solar Christmas lights, which they sell directly from their website or via other major online outlets such as Amazon and eBay (Note:  Feedback ratings on eBay are overwhelmingly positive with a Positive Feedback Rating of 99% on over 1,400 items sold in a 12 month period).

Product Range

GudCraft currently carries approximately 9 different types of solar Christmas lights. They vary based on color, number of LED lights on the string, and length of the string. The common benefits and features of all these solar lights are:

  • No energy costs. The lights are charged daily by the sun via the solar panel and then turn on automatically at night. The “sun power” is actually stored in the rechargeable AA battery (800ma ni-cad) and it is that battery which powers the Christmas lights during the evening and at night.
  • Since there is no need for extension cords or an electrical outlet, you can use GudCraft solar Christmas lights anywhere. Simply push the spike that holds the the solar panel into the ground and decorate with the attached light string.
  • Most GudCraft solar Christmas lights have a switch which allows you to choose between “flashing” or “constant” for your display.

Some of the specific types of GudCraft solar Christmas lights are listed below.

Solar Powered Holiday String Lights, 100 LED White (35-Foot): A string of 100 white colored solar LED holiday lights that are 35 feet in length. Customers who purchased these report that they are high quality, durable and last about 6 to 8 hours on a charge. One drawback, however, noted by a reviewer: “They are not as brilliant as your standard plug-in light strings. And, as one should expect given they are LEDs, they have a typical bluish tinge to them. But, for solar lights, these are delightful!”

Solar Powered Holiday String Lights, 100 LED Blue (35-Foot): A string of 100 blue colored solar LED holiday lights, 35 feet in length. These are highly rated by customers who have purchased them: “They have the true blue LEDs, which are clear lenses with the LED itself emitting blue light, unlike the cheaper Christmas lights that use simply a blue lens. The result is a more vivid blue light.”

Solar Powered Holiday String Lights, 100 LED Multi-Color (35-Foot): A string of 100 multi-colored solar LED holiday lights, 35 feet in length. Customers liked the portability of these lights and being able to put them in places where they can’t run an extension cord. One customer did note that the multi-colored lights seemed “rather dim.”

GudCraft also offers solar Christmas light options in White, Blue & Multi-Color in additional lengths, such as 23 feet (50 bulbs), 41 feet (105 bulbs) and 12.5 feet (24 bulbs).

Solar Powered Butterfly String Lights, 20 LED Multi-Color (15-Foot): A string of 20 multi-colored LEDs with translucent stylized covers. They come on a 15 foot string, 5 ½ inch space between each LED, and 8 ½ foot lead wire from the first light to the panel. Each of the LED bulbs is covered by a soft-plastic, butterfly shaped covering. When fully charged, they can provide up to 6 hours of light each night.

Price Range

The 35 foot 100 LED solar Christmas lights (regardless of color) are approximately $30, without shipping.  The shorter 23 foot 50 LED solar Christmas lights are about $18, without shipping and the solar powered butterfly string lights with 20 LEDs run approximately $10.


GudCraft offers a one year warranty on its holiday lights from the date of the purchase. The company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee!  Returns must include all original packaging, inserts, and the complete unit with any accessories in order to receive a full credit. The buyer pays returning shipping cost. Contact GudCraft first to get a return authorization number.

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