January 17, 2018

HolidayLEDs Christmas Lights

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HolidayLEDs.com Logo

HolidayLEDs.com is a small privately held company located in Jackson, Michigan that specializes in decorative holiday lighting. Founded in 2007 by three friends, the company’s mission is to sell high quality, environmentally-friendly lighting products with a specific focus on LED lights. The company currently does not carry solar-powered LED lights but may do so in the future.

HolidayLEDs.com is very committed to the environment. Several years ago, the company launched a Christmas lights recycling program to encourage consumers to responsibly dispose of their old incandescent Christmas lights. People mail in their old Christmas lights and HolidayLEDs.com recycles them via a third party recycling facility. In return, consumers receive a 25% off coupon to be used on HolidayLEDs.com. Each year, the company recycles about 20,000 pounds of Christmas lights!

HolidayLEDs.com is also committed to superior customer service. Philip Curtis, company owner and founder, mentions that HolidayLEDs.com almost always ships product the same day the order is placed. The company also offers a 14 day no-hassle, no-questions-asked return policy and its toll-free customer service phone line is staffed with real people – no phone queues or automated phones systems.

While HolidayLEDs.com is the primary website, the company also sells lighting products online through the following websites: LEDChristmasLights.com, HalloweenLights.com, LEDRopeLights.com and ChristmasMiniLights.com.


HolidayLEDs.com carries about 500 lighting products. All are high quality LED lights which are distinctly unique from traditional incandescent lights because they consume 80 to 99% less energy. This can make a very meaningful impact on consumers’ electric bills, especially for those who decorate extensively with lights.

HolidayLEDs.com lights are fully-rectified or “full-wave” which means that the lights include a rectifier that increases the rate at which the LED lights turn on and off. While all LED lights turn on and off, the lower quality ones do so at the rate of 60 Hz which is not fast enough to fool the human eye. This gives the lights a strange strobing or flickering effect. Higher quality, fully-rectified LEDs lights don’t have this problem.

Fully-rectified LED light sets are also brighter and much closer in color to the traditional incandescent Christmas lights people are accustomed to. For example, fully-rectified white LED lights emit a pure white crisp light, whereas lower quality white LED lights tend to emit a white-bluish hue.

HolidayLEDs.com is known for its very wide selection of holiday lights including color combinations and lighting types that are hard to find. They also carry a large selection of standard Christmas lights. Some of the most popular products on the website are:

Warm White Mini Christmas LED Lights
(70 Mini Bulbs, String Length = 25 feet)

These Christmas lights are a fantastic replacement option for traditional clear or white incandescent mini lights. The LED lights produce a soft, warm white light and the bulbs are faceted which helps distribute the bright LED light evenly. The bulbs are made of resilient epoxy plastic so you don’t have to worry about breaking glass. Known for their durability, one customer living in Florida reports having purchased 6 strings in 2008 and more than 3 years later, after nightly use in all types of weather (the lights are on a timer), the holiday lights continue to shine.

Crystal White Mini LED Christmas Lights
(70 Mini Bulbs, String Length = 25 feet)

These Christmas lights feature a super bright, “pure white” glow – and not the blueish white light that comes from lower quality LED Christmas lights. They are a great replacement for traditional Christmas mini lights and are perfect for outdoors since their bright lights are so easy to see.

Multi Color Strawberry LED Christmas Lights
(70 C6 Style Bulbs, String Length = 25 feet)

These popular 5 multi color (alternating blue, green, red, yellow and orange) Christmas lights have C6 style bulbs which are similar in shape to the traditional C9 LED bulbs but are much smaller. The bulbs are faceted which distributes the light more evenly. One consumer described it: “They glisten as if they have a thin layer of ice on them and they shine much brighter than our old incandescent Christmas tree bulbs”.

Multi Color Mini LED Christmas Lights
(70 Mini Bulbs, String Length = 25 feet)

These multi color LED mini lights have alternating green, blue, red, orange and yellow LED lights on a standard green 25 foot string. They use 80% less energy than the traditional 5 multi color mini style Christmas light which makes them an excellent energy efficient alternative. Consumers who have purchased these report “good bright colors that don’t flicker” and “great quality”.

Light Warm White Icicle Lights
(105 Wide Angle Bulbs, Length = 11.5 feet)

These commercial grade icicle lights are composed of wide angle LEDs and give off a brilliant white light; they are longer than many LED icicle sets. You can connect up to 30 strings to cover roof lines or decorate railings.

Price Range

HolidayLEDs.com prices are competitive. The 25 foot mini LED Christmas lights are approximately $22 to $26 (depending on color and style), without shipping. The 25 foot C6 LED Christmas lights are about $24 to $30 (again, depending on color and style), without shipping. One significant advantage is that consumers can gain a 25% discount on their purchase by participating in the Christmas lights recycling program.

Warranty & Return Policy

HolidayLEDs.com Christmas lights are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase for seasonal (90 days) use. Note that they are not warranty for permanent installation. HolidayLEDs.com will process the warranty claims for all of its LED Christmas lights for the first year. After the first year, consumers might have to contact the manufacturer directly for warranty service.

The HolidayLEDs.com return policy allows customers to get a full refund within 14 days of the date of purchase — no questions asked and no restocking fees (unless the order is $1000 or more (excluding shipping); wholesale or purchased during an advertised sale, promotion or other discount program). For more details see the HolidayLEDs.com Return Policy.

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