January 17, 2018

Different Types of Solar Christmas Lights

A Type of Solar Christmas LightsChristmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the magical sight of Christmas lights. While the lighting displays may look impressive, the illumination comes at a cost: Christmas light displays consume energy faster than Santa consumes his plate of cookies.

While the creation of solar powered Christmas lights solves this problem, many are quick to assume that solar Christmas lights must be dimmer, uglier, and/or complicated than their electric counterparts; however, solar Christmas lights come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors that can meet any decorator’s needs:

  • Solar Christmas lights come in any color you can imagine, from traditional white to multicolored ones. In fact, the colors may appear more vibrant than those of electric Christmas lights.
  • Solar strands, like electric ones, come in various lengths. Shorter strands are great for decorating small window frames, doorways, or banisters, while longer ones are great for decorating trees or entire house perimeters.
  • Solar strands also come in a variety of light bulb shapes, such as the traditional “strawberry” shape, icicle, snowflake, star, etc.
  • Who says switching to solar lights means you have to sacrifice creativity? You can find sets that flash on and off, change color, or do both at the same time!
  • Pre-lit artificial garlands, wreaths, and trees are an effortless way to decorate with solar lights.
  • Ever wanted to buy one of those large, electrically lit statues but cringed at what it would do to your energy bill? Now you can buy that large Santa statue and pay nothing to light it up! There’s even a Rudolph statue whose nose glows red when the sun goes down!
  • Solar Christmas lights also come in a garden stake style that can be placed anywhere on the ground that gets adequate sunlight.
  • You can even buy festive lampshades and covers for regular solar light fixtures.
  • Now you can decorate with motion detecting lights as well as remote controlled lights to create your own light show or to adjust the brightness of the lights.

Switching to solar Christmas lights this holiday season certainly won’t entail sacrifice. With such a large solar selection to choose from, you’re sure to have a magical yuletide yard.